This morning I am late coming to my writing. My morning pages were three pages of absolute chaos. I have learned that this chaos is actually the state of wild creative energy entirely devoid of any structure. Open the gate, flood the page with chaos, then when you have something to say to someone, when […]

Nice Nails

I have nice finger nails now. This may not seem like such an amazing accomplishment for most of you, but what we are talking about here is a person who bit his finger nails to the bone pretty much since kindergarten. We are talking thirty-five long years of nail biting. I was a pro and […]

Morning Pages

So, Monday. Yeah. Weekends are short. But I have some ideas about how to make them longer or at least seem longer. But then again not everyone wants to install a hard disk on the weekend. Never mind. I just finished writing my morning pages. Morning pages are three pages of writing by hand about […]

Marie Curtis Park

I need to make a list of people I want to write letters to. There are so many people in my thoughts this morning. If it’s like this at my age, then what will it be like in another forty years or so? I will indeed be large and contain multitudes. (Walt Whitman, Song of […]

Forty-Something Body

This morning, overcast again. Just around the edges, ever so slightly, there is a feeling of September. The days are shorter, and my morning writing is done in partial darkness. I have started exercising again. My week off weight training turned into almost three weeks without batting an eye. But yesterday I began again. I’m […]